Orlando City: A fan attacked by the club's goalkeeper asserts his rights as a minor !

Orlando City: A fan attacked by the club’s goalkeeper asserts his rights as a minor !

In a recent World Cup qualifying match between Peru and Argentina, an incident involving Orlando City’s goalkeeper Pedro Gallese has sparked controversy. During the game, which saw Argentina claim victory with a 2-0 scoreline, a young fan attempted to get on the field for a selfie with Lionel Messi.

The fan in question was Piero Alexander Oyola Arteaga, a 17-year-old Peruvian supporter who managed to bypass security momentarily before being intercepted. However, it wasn’t just the stadium security that took action against him; unexpectedly, Gallese also got involved.

Gallese reacted aggressively towards Arteaga, snatching his mobile phone and hurling it across the pitch. This act of aggression from Gallese was caught on camera by multiple spectators and quickly went viral online, drawing widespread condemnation.

Arteaga later addressed the incident via Instagram where he expressed confusion over why he had been labeled as disloyal for cheering for Peru throughout the match. He admitted excitement at seeing Messi score but emphasized his age and status as a minor – hinting at potential legal repercussions for Gallese.

He further criticized Gallese’s intervention saying: “I couldn’t do anything because Gallese got in my way as a guard.” He pointed out that stopping goals should be the primary concern for any goalkeeper rather than acting as makeshift security personnel.

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