Celtic: Rodgers insists this player must improve and the truth is served up!

Celtic: Rodgers insists this player must improve and the truth is served up!

Brendan Rodgers, the Celtic manager, has urged young talent Odin Thiago Holm to seize his opportunities with the club. This comes after Holm was given a rare start in Celtic’s 6-0 victory over Aberdeen. Rodgers emphasized the importance of mental strength and meeting the high expectations set by the club.

Holm, an upcoming star from Norway U21, made his first league appearance for Celtic during this match. Rodgers expressed his belief that while Holm is a promising player, he needs to make more significant contributions on the field.

The Celtic boss stated: “With players like Odin, we give them a chance to start but they need to do more.” He added that if these players don’t perform well right from the beginning, there are always others ready to take their place.

Mental resilience is crucial, according to Rodgers. He believes that players who possess this trait will work hard, listen attentively, learn continuously and build robustness – qualities he sees in Holm.

Rodgers also praised how well his team responded against Aberdeen. The latter had been performing strongly away from home before facing defeat at Glasgow’s east end.

He said: “Our players were absolutely fantastic. They showed some great footballing skills – excellent movement and teamwork.”

In conclusion, Brendan Rodgers’ message is clear – rising stars such as Odin Thiago Holm must step up their game and meet Celtic’s high standards if they wish to secure their spot in the starting lineup.

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