PSG: Altercation between Neymar and Mbappé in the locker room

While rumors have circulated in recent hours about a possible altercation between Neymar and Mbappé during the match between Paris-Saint-Germain and Montpellier on Saturday evening, we were able to obtain details on the course of these events.

Thus, it was first at half-time, then especially at the end of the match that the French international criticized the Brazilian for having taken the ball to take the second Parisian penalty when the first had been missed by the French striker.

Although it was the coach’s pre-game instructions that called for the first penalty to be taken by Mbappé and the second by Neymar, the Frenchman felt that the fact that he missed the first exercise could have prompted the Brazilian to give him a chance to catch up and regain his confidence.

To which the latter replied that it was the coach who decided, and a head to head ensued between the two players who had to be separated by their teammates.

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