Rangers: Dessers admits to struggles after being branded the worst player

Rangers FC: He admits to struggles after being branded the worst player

The early days at Ibrox were not kind to the club’s striker, who despite scoring 22 goals across all competitions this season, faced a barrage of criticism for his initial performances. The Nigerian forward found himself under intense scrutiny as doubts were cast over his ability to lead the line for Rangers.

Adapting to life in Glasgow proved challenging, with Dessers recalling being labeled “the worst player to have played for Rangers” during those trying times. His transition from Cremonese was met with harsh feedback, particularly stinging when it came from his own supporters rather than pundits or media reports.

In an interview with BBC, Dessers expressed feeling like he had become the scapegoat for any issues within the club or on-field mishaps. He described the difficulty of settling into a new country and league while facing premature judgments about his place in the team.

“I was still putting up my Ikea furniture or working out the settings on my television,” said Dessers, emphasizing how quickly fans turned against him before he could even feel at home. For players, especially strikers who thrive on support and confidence, such hostility can be detrimental.

Dessers highlighted that love and encouragement are crucial for a player’s growth and performance. “Not one player in the world is better when you whistle him off the pitch,” he remarked, pointing out that positive reinforcement leads to improvement.

Reflecting on those difficult months, Dessers shared how painful it was to receive hate from his own fanbase but remained unaffected by press criticism. As human beings first and foremost, footballers’ mental well-being is deeply impacted by their treatment both on and off the field.

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